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I'm Bijou, 27 year old, female, Dutch, tendency to rant and fangirl over fictional characters, frequently beyond fed up with tumblr's social justice side, supporter of animal and equal rights. Will reblog anything and everything that catches my eye so consider yourself warned.
Mar 28 '12

vegetarian going on vegan

I’ve been a vegetarian since I was about 9 years old (though kind of on and off till I started highschool) and lately I’ve been thinking about taking that final step and getting rid of all animal products from my diet and going vegan.

I bought a vegan cookbook and looked around online for some recipes and there is a lot of tasty vegan food out there. One problem though.. the supermarket near my house sells one brand of soy milk and they usually only have about 2 or 3 cartons. And I hate the stuff. It tastes like chalk.

I have found another brand of non-dairy chocolate and blueberry “milk” that I like.. but it’s expensive and I’m not rich. I’ve tried to find other shops that sell more vegan food and drinks but found next to nothing. The vegan cheese or egg replacement my cookbook mentions just isn’t available around here.

My family sure as hell won’t help me look. They all get looks of utter disgust on their faces when I mention soy or rice milk and when looking through vegan recipes I get a “well this looks alright.. only thing missing is the meat” or “well we’ll just use normal milk for this”.

The whole point is to NOT use cow’s milk.. hence why the recipe says soy milk!

If there are any Dutch vegans around here.. please tell me.. where do you buy your vegan products?!

  1. bubblygranolachick answered: The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder CN. I bought her book for everyone I know. She answers everything love it!
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